Campers For Sale

How to find campers and motorhomes for sale

When looking for campers for sale, especially used campers, there are several ways you can go about this. I will cover just a few in this article.

Buy New
This is by far the best option of all but obviously not for everyone especially with the cost of some of the newer models going into the millions of dollars. Having said that, when buying a new motorhome there are always comfortable payment plans available and the benefits are huge as every year the technology improves and better and more comfortable models are being produced. You also get the factory guarantee on both the mechanical side and the living side so there are no worries about getting ripped off or landed with a bad vehicle.

Dealerships for used motorhomes
When you can't stretch to the payments for a brand new RV then the next best thing would be to go to a RV dealership. Here you will find used models of all types from virtually new to very old. The dealership will invariably have their own payment plans to offer you on any purchase and may even offer you a short guarantee on certain purchases. The main benefit you have with using a dealership is that you are less likely to get ripped than if you were to make a private purchase.  Having said that you still have to be careful and due diligence is still required.  When looking at models you should take an experienced mechanic with you and a seasoned RV-er if you are not one yourself. It is easy to be blinded by shininess and sales talk when looking over the vehicles.

Buy Privately
The main advantage with private deals is the price. Motorhomes are not that easy to sell and it is currently a buyer's market. More often than not you can get the seller to bring down the price with little effort. You should however be especially careful when purchasing from strangers. Always take your mechanic with you to give the vehicle a thorough check over. Spend a long time in the interior looking at the fixtures and fittings. Make sure everything works and note down all that doesn't work for later adjustment of the price. Keep a look out for structural damage and damp.

You can find used motorhomes in your local press or better still in the specialized RV magazines. You can also find many online offers through eBay and similar auction sites.

Buying in Auctions
Police auctions or seized auctions are regular auctions where all classes of seized vehicles are sold off. These have usually been repossessed due to non payment or sometimes they have been confiscated after criminal proceedings. The chances of finding a vehicle in good condition here are high as most of the vehicles are virtually brand new although there are some older vehicles available too.  Just because it is a police organized auction it doesn't mean that you can relax... you still need to be extremely careful and give any motorhome you are considering a good looking over going through every detail. Before the bidding starts and after having looked over the vehicle you should have a good idea as to how much that same RV would cost in a private sale or at a dealership. Use this as your absolute maximum bid because although the bidding will start very low (and more often than not end very low too) occasionally the bidding gets pushed up by over zealous and inexperienced bidders. There is a database of current police auctions and seized auctions available at the Seized Vehicle Auctions site and at the Auction Pass site where vehicles can be bidding starts as low as $100.

If you need more information on how to find campers for sale then there is more information available at the campers for sale page or at our web site listed below.

Barry Bushnell covers all aspects of finding and purchasing used campers and motorhomes at his website